Take A Break Somewhere New


A great place to stay if you want to take a break is Manchester; it’s full of all different things to do with your family, friends or by yourself. You could go see a band, go the cinema, go shopping or maybe sort out business. On display in the hallway there is a gorgeous Foucault pendulum, the pendulum is used to demonstrate the rotation of the earth without relying on latitude. They have a range of classic, double, twin and executive suites; this means you can find the perfect room. In all of their rooms there are many different facilities such as tea and coffee facilities as well as wifi, in the suites there is also sofas and work areas. If you’re on a business trip you can relax and do your work in your room instead of stressing over where to go and use one of their conference rooms that are available if you have any meetings.

pendulum hotelThey have 3 wedding packages available; the classic package which costs £3000, the deluxe package which costs £4000 and the ultimate package which costs £5000. These include a DJ, food for guests, bed & breakfast for 2 as well as much, much more. Christmas parties can be held here and on set dates of 2016 when you go you can get a free breakfast or cocktail per person.

The Manchester hotels amenities include a restaurant, bar and coffee shop; they also have a conference centre which has multiple theatres and meeting rooms.  They also offer 24 hour room service.  The prices of these rooms vary from £60.The coffee shop also known as the coffee bean cafe, sells a delicious range of smooth coffees, teas and even hot chocolates. Then there’s the hub bistro, they have so many delightful staff sure to make you smile, they do a range of fantastic meals; including smaller meals too if you’re not too hungry or they do your tea time favourites. Then last but not least there’s the Conservatory bar, it’s a great place to relax with colleagues and meet new people.

The best thing about this hotel is that it’s in the perfect location, as it’s not surrounded by the chaos of the city centre itself but it’s just a 15 minute walk away and to make it easier the Manchester Oxford road train station is just 12 minutes away, so if you’re getting the train there you don’t need to worry about getting lost. This hotel has an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars, many people in their reviews have said the food was nice, that the staff were really kind and helpful, the rooms were comfortable and a fair price; many also said that they would definitely be coming back some time soon, especially those travelling for business.