Republican Congressman Hosts Fundraiser at Sultan’s Pink Palace


Protesters again visited the Sultan of Brunei’s Pink Palace on Friday, Aug. 8 – this time greeting GOP Congressman Ed Whitfield, who hosted a fundraiser at the boycotted Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Human Rights Campaign gave the Kentucky Republican a 0% rating, citing his opposition to marriage equality. According to his website, Whitfield believes the “sanctity of marriage” between a man and woman is “worth fighting for.”

The Beverly Hills Hotel is an interesting choice for Whitfield’s campaign: was it an intentional siding with the Sultan, given Whitfield’s record on LGBT issues? Or is his campaign just unaware that the once popular palace is now the pariah of the high-class community?

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TPP Talks In Ottawa: Brunei’s Brutal Sharia Law Raises Questions

Do we really want to tie our economic wagon to so many countries, with such diverse politics and attitudes? And what will it mean for us if we do?

Case in point: One of the 12 countries involved in the talks is Brunei. The tiny petro-state of half a million people on the southeast Asian island of Borneo recently adopted harsh new Sharia laws, including the death penalty, by stoning, for adultery, gay sex and insulting the Koran. Other elements of the law include prison sentences for pregnancy outside of wedlock or failing to pray on Friday, and amputations or whipping for theft and drinking alcohol.

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Congressional Leaders, Advocates Speak Out Against TPP Citing Human Rights Concerns

From our ally the Feminist Majority Foundation:

Rep. Marc Pocan (D-WI) called out the Sultan of Brunei’s new penal code, and that negotiating partner’s decision to stone gays, lesbians, and people convicted of adultery, to publicly flog women who have had abortions, and issue prison sentences for women wearing “indecent” clothing. “We should not be providing special trade privileges to countries that continue to violate human rights and restrict equality,” Rep. Pocan said. “The United States has had a long tradition of using our influence as a world leader to try to improve human rights across the globe, and we’re doing the exact opposite in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”” 

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“A fashion island hit by a nuclear bomb”

Milan Fashion Week Crowd Honors Dorchester Boycott – NY Times

” ‘A fashion island hit by a nuclear bomb’ was the description of a London-based, fashion-show regular who booked a weekend stay at the hotel before hearing of the proposed boycott and would speak only on condition of not being named. “The staff were obviously more attentive to customers as there aren’t many left,” she added.

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